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Design Delima: How can I get more organization in my small laundry room?

Each week if you head over to my Instagram account I will be sharing a Design Delima with ideas on how to solve it!

If you want to have your space reviewed for free advice, send me an email or message me on Instagram with your project, a photo and your problem. Also let me know what your style is or what your goals are for the space!

In today's episode, we're tackling a narrow and basic laundry room. The room has a sink and counter over lower cabinets and upper cabinets over the washer and dryer. While it's functional, it lacks personality and space for organization, making it less than optimal.

Our goal for this space is going to be to add a drop zone for shoes, bags, and other belongings. Add a place to store brooms and vacuums. Create a little more space for hanging and laundry and lastly add some personality and liveliness.

Step #1:

Built In's

We started by adding built-ins to one wall. We installed a bench with cubbies and a drop center for shoes and backpacks, leaving it open on the side where the door swings open. On the other side of the wall, we added a long cabinet to store brooms, vacuum cleaners, and other items we don't want to be seen. This also helped conceal an unsightly electric box.

Step #2: Add more shelving and hanging space

Next, we changed out the industrial fluorescent light fixture with something softer to create a more inviting atmosphere. We also added a shelf over the washer and dryer and a matching shelf to the wall with a valet for hanging clothes below. To give the room character, we installed a beautiful tile backsplash and wallpaper. We also added some sconces above for multiple lighting sources.

With these changes, this laundry room not only looks more aesthetically pleasing, but it's also more functional. Now, you can do laundry in a space that feels like it was designed just for you. Plus, with the built-in storage, you'll have plenty of room to keep everything organized.

We hope you enjoyed this first episode of Weekly Design Dilemma. Stay tuned for more design solutions to transform your space!

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