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How we help our Clients: Renovations


Renovating a room in your house
Kitchen Renovation

Your Dream Space, Our Expertise: How we help our clients with renovations

So, you've been dreaming of transforming your space - a kitchen where culinary magic happens or a bathroom resembling a lavish spa. Perhaps you're expanding your home to welcome a new chapter. We understand the excitement and the quest for perfection.

At Zimmerman Interiors, we believe every renovation is a journey to translate your vision into a stunning reality. Here's a peek into how we help our clients like you through this transformative adventure of renovating their home, making sure it's smooth, cost-effective, and, most importantly, a space that truly resonates with your lifestyle.


Step 1: Unveiling Your Unique Vision

Before we delve into measurements and blueprints, we sit down with you to grasp the essence of your dream space. We learn about your preferences, lifestyle, and the functional aspects that matter most. Our goal is to craft a vision that mirrors your dreams and aspirations. We utilize things you already have in your home from books to art to fashion to give us a sense for your style. We listen to how you want to live or feel in your space and we go through a thorough list of questions to capture all of your dream features and include them in your design plan.

Discovering your inspiration

Step 2: Expert Planning and Design

Planning is the cornerstone of a successful renovation. We meticulously measure and create a floorplan that maximizes space and functionality, ensuring a seamless flow. Elevations come next, enabling us to design cabinetry that fits your needs to a tee. We also present a life-like 3D rendering, allowing you to envision every detail.

Planning traffic flow and space
Floor plan

Step 3: Seamless Coordination with Contractors

Navigating the world of contractors can be overwhelming. That's where we step in. We liaise with trusted professionals, ensuring you get the best quotes and top-notch service. Our expertise saves you from the guesswork, giving you peace of mind and saving you time and money. Already have a contractor? No problem! We work with your contractor as well.

Step 4: Curating the Perfect Finishes

Choices, choices, and more choices! We take the reins in hand, assisting you in choosing finishes - from lighting to grout, fixtures to paints. Our goal is to present a cohesive, stunning aesthetic that aligns with your vision.

Bathroom materials
Material Selections for a renovation

Step 5: Communication and Construction Binder

Clear communication is the key to a successful renovation. We act as the bridge between you and the contractors, ensuring every detail is conveyed accurately. Our comprehensive construction binder streamlines the process, guaranteeing a seamless execution and providing all information needed for the job site.

Ready to transform your space? Dive deeper into the renovation journey with Zimmerman Interiors here.


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