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Elevating Your Space with our Signature Design Services

Our services

Are you envisioning a space that resonates with your style and leaves a lasting impression? At Zimmerman Interiors, we understand the power of thoughtful design and seamless execution. Our signature services are curated to meet diverse needs, ensuring your home embodies your unique taste and preferences. Let's walk you through the range of our signature design services, designed to transform your space into a reflection of you.

But before we dive into services let's discuss the first steps in working with us

We understand that the language used in the interior design industry can sometimes be overwhelming and confusing. Especially in today's digital age where questions often arise on social media, we prioritize clarity and transparency. Communication and client experience are at the forefront of everything we do. We strive to demystify the design process, making it accessible and understandable for all. Our goal is to ensure you have a thorough understanding of our services and the unparalleled experience that awaits you at Zimmerman Interiors. Your journey towards a harmonious living space begins with a conversation – one where we listen, understand, and collaborate to bring your dreams to fruition. This is how we get to know every new client before we ever book a service and it's very important for both of us to determine that we are a good fit to work together!

download your guide
download your guide


Consultations: Your Personalized Guidance

Consultations are the cornerstone of our approach, acting as a compass guiding you through the intricate world of interior design. We offer both basic and advanced consultations to cater to your specific needs. Think of us as your trusted advisor, helping you navigate color choices, general design queries, and finishing details. Whether you're starting fresh or just adding the final touches, we're here to assist you every step of the way.

EVERY Project no matter how big or small begins with a consultation either in home or virtually. During this session, we dive into your project and really start to understand and brainstorm. If a consultation is all you need to get started, get "un-stuck" or finalize a project, that's great too! This service stands alone as well.

For those pursuing a larger project, this meeting serves as the kick off. This will set the stage for the journey ahead. If after the consultation you wish to proceed with a design quote, we will be happy to provide you with a personalized proposal.

Consultations are versatile and adaptable to various needs and stages of a project. Here's a list of ways people may utilize consultations with Zimmerman Interiors:

1. Project Kick Off:

- Initiate a new project with a structured plan and objectives.

2. Color Consultation:

- Explore and choose the perfect color palette for your space.

3. Ideation and Advice:

- Seek insights and suggestions for enhancing your design ideas or just to have a trusted advisor and sounding board

4. Layout/Space Planning:

- Optimize the arrangement and functionality of your living or working spaces.

5. Shopping Guidance:

- Receive expert recommendations for sourcing furniture, decor, and materials.

6. Styling and Finishing Touches:

- Access expertise in adding the final aesthetic touches to your space.

7. Material Selection for Renovation/New Build:

- Curate a cohesive palette of materials for your renovation or new construction.

8. Designer for a Day (6-Hour Service):

- Utilize a concentrated 6-hour session to accomplish specific tasks such as material selection, shopping for decor, or finalizing styling elements.

9. Spatial Functionality Evaluation:

- Assess and optimize the functionality of your existing space.

10. Art and Accessory Curation:

- Curate a collection of art pieces and accessories to enhance your space.

As you can see this isn't everything but a good start to helping you see the potential of what a consultation could help you with if you are looking to collaborate with a professional. We're dedicated to being there for you, adapting our consultations to meet your needs precisely. Whether it's a minor touch-up or a major renovation, we're your design partner, ensuring your vision is brought to life seamlessly.

Furnishings and Decor: Crafting Your Unique Space

For those who crave a hands-on approach and enjoy the thrill of creating their space, our Furnishings and Decor services offer two levels of engagement. If you're a DIY enthusiast, our virtual design service, providing 'Recipes' for your dream space, is perfect. Tailored to individual rooms or entire homes, these plans can be implemented at your pace, keeping you in control of your budget and timeline. We're always by your side, offering continual guidance through consultations, sourcing assistance, and styling tips.

For a seamless, move-in ready experience, our concierge-level Full Service packages are designed to take the load off your shoulders. Whether it's a single room or your entire home, we handle everything, leaving you to come home to a space that's a true reflection of your style and personality. Our dedication extends to arranging movers and professional organizers, ensuring every detail is meticulously taken care of.

Renovations and Construction: The Transformational Journey

Embrace a stress-free renovation experience with our team of interior designers and licensed general contractors. We believe in turning your vision into reality, not only showcasing the possibilities through 3D renderings but also ensuring both aesthetics and functionality. Our expertise allows us to minimize the stress associated with remodeling, letting you savor and enjoy the transformation of your space.

Embarking on a renovation journey with Zimmerman Interiors is a transformative experience, curated to bring your dream space to life. Our process begins with the crucial conceptual design phase, where we collaborate to extract and visualize your unique vision. Through mood boards, renderings, and elevations, we craft a tangible North Star for your project, a blueprint infused with your desires.

As we move forward, the journey offers flexibility—whether we manage the entire project with our trusted network of skilled trades or collaborate seamlessly with your chosen craftsmen. We then navigate into the intricate details, handpicking every finish, tile, grout, cabinet, and more, curating a space that seamlessly reflects your style and aspirations.

Moreover, we extend our expertise in budgeting, quoting work from our reputable trade partners, and meticulously managing purchases and tracking. Our goal is to ensure that the construction phase is not only on track but also aligns precisely with your budgetary guidelines. Throughout the process, we maintain an open line of communication, keeping you informed at every milestone, addressing concerns, and making decisions in sync with your expectations.

And then, the magic unfolds on the highly anticipated reveal day. It's the moment we've all been waiting for—the grand unveiling of your transformed space. The culmination of dedication, meticulous planning, and design expertise is showcased in all its glory, unveiling a space that's not only aesthetically mesmerizing but also harmoniously functional.

Does all this terminology confuse you? I know! I hear it all the time! Not really sure what a mood board is? Or an elevation? Click Here to download the Zimmerman Interiors Glossary of Terms. This will explain the terms we use in the industry and what they mean to us at Zimmerman Interiors and for you the client!

Zimmerman Interiors is not just about designing spaces; we're about crafting experiences that resonate with you. Let us guide you through your design journey, making it seamless, enjoyable, and resulting in a space that feels uniquely yours. Stay tuned for more insights into each of our services and discover how Zimmerman Interiors can elevate your living spaces to new heights. Your dream home is just a consultation away!

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